Pickout Ecommerce Webiste on Apple devices

Pickout E-commerce Website

Buckmaster Games required a simple e-commerce website for Pickout, a family board game and iOS App. The Pickout website allows their customers to learn about the game, purchase the physical copy of the game, as well as providing them with a download link to find the App on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

The game can be purchased using a simple PayPal button allowing their customers to make simple and secure purchases with the confidence of knowing that the transaction is being managed by PayPal.

Buckmaster Games also allows their customers to download instructions for more games that they can play with their current copy of the game or view the PDF files in the browser.

The e-commerce site is mobile optimised to make purchasing the game simple on whatever device is being used and optimised for search engine discovery using modern HTML programming techniques.


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