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Momentum Cycles required a quick and easy way to show customers the products that they have available in their shop.
Stock List is a cloud based system built specifically for this purpose. The system is built of two parts, an admin console and a customer facing list.

Both parts of the system are web based so can be viewed and accessed from any device with an internet browser, meaning that the administrator can add, update and remove the products that they currently offer from anywhere, on their computer, iPad or mobile phone.

The stock list can be added to any website using a link that the customer can click to open the stock list page. This page has the latest photos and product information from your admin console and is displayed in an easy to read format across all devices.

Stock List Admin Console on Mobile

Stock List Admin Console on Mobile

Works on iPhone, iPad and Android

Stock List Admin Console on Laptop

Stock List Admin Console on Laptop

Works on Mac and Windows Laptops and Desktop Computers


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