Amazon Echo Alexa device for Bag of Laughs Skill

Bag of Laughs
Alexa Skill

Bag of Laughs is a joke telling game available on iPhone and iPad.

Bag of Laughs noticed the opportunity to increase their reachable audience by releasing a Bag of Laughs companion for Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Rather than rebuild the game for these voice assistant devices, they decided the best way to reach and entice their new audience is to build a joke telling Skill. This means that new potential customers did not need to play the full game but could instead just perform micro interactions with Bag of Laughs, eventually encouraging them to download the iOS app. By producing it this way also keeps existing fans of the iOS app happy by teaching them new jokes that will help them next time they play the game on their iPhone or iPad against their friends.

Due to the reduced friction of getting started with these voice assistants, having a companion skill or even a fully functioning version of your app available for voice, allows your customers to start engaging quicker and easier than ever before using familiar interaction methods and on a platform that they are already engaged with.


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