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An electrical company in Essex needed a custom built Digital Form to work on iPhone and iPad. The company work on both commercial and domestic projects covering installation, maintenance and advice. Previously they had used a number of different paper based forms for each of these categories, all of which had to be designed, updated, printed, stored and reordered once supplies were running low.
Unhappy with this system, they tried a number of ‘ready made’ digital alternatives available on the market. As these generic systems were not specifically designed for their business the software did not fit their exact requirements. This lead to exploring the idea of having a solution custom built to exactly fit their needs.

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Digital Forms are completely custom built to fit the needs of the business with custom design, input types and export methods.
‘Ready made’ template based systems rely on infrequent, full version updates to add new features.
Our Digital Forms can have additions and alterations made as often as needed as requirements change.

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No more printed forms.
Having Digital Forms allow engineers to carry all required forms on just one device instead of across a number of large pads of paper. Digital Forms include data validation and PDF export meaning that forms can be sent to your office immediately instead of being lost in the van and prevents forms from being returned with incomplete data.


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